The Riviera along the spectacular slopes of Mt. Etna, leads to the gorgeous terrace over the sea, being, Taormina. Taormina is the authentic pearl of Sicily and is unique in location and its urban form, consequently contributing in becoming an outstanding international resort.
The town has imposing ancient Greek and Roman remains. It was populated in archaic times and received new immigrants from the nearby Naxos in 403 B.C when the tyranny of Dionysius destroyed the town. For two centuries, Taormina was a figure head in the regional politics.
Taormina is of exceptional artistic and natural beauty. The interwoven and exquisite architecture together with threadlike streets, give an enchanting atmosphere to this little town. The visitor can enjoy a walk through the dense network of lanes which here and there interrupted by small squares, winding among the walls of ancient houses. A stroll will allow the visitor to enjoy the many spectacular views that are offered by the coast and Mt. Etna.
The tourist nature of the town offers delightful restaurants, cafes and ice cream bars.
The evenings in Taormina are particularly striking when the play of light created by Mt. Etna, gives them an unreal almost magical appearance. This unique spectacle comes alive in the early evening shadows or at nights with the astounding flashes form the molten lava.
Taormina combines archeological and artistic features. It has fascinating archeological monuments and important buildings like Palazzo dei Duchi di S.Stefano which dates back to Norman times.
Moreover, Taormina has a succession of magnificent sea views, one in particular overlooking the Greco-Roman amphitheatre. The far wall of the theatre, presents in the centre a large gap which allows a view of the bay of Schiso` and Mt. Etna, as if it were a perfect theatrical backdrop.
Taormina’s distinctive nature was acclaimed by Goethe. For sure, a visit to Toarmina will remain etched on your mind.
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